Aims and Objectives


• Facilitate community development
• Support a resilient and sustainable local economy
• Provide educational opportunities
• Encourage and make possible income generation
• Seek and accept funding to fulfill these aims


1. Make the Hokianga Herald building available to the North Hokianga Community
a) Maintain the building in a safe and insured condition
b) Ensure the availability of appropriate building services such as power and internet access
2. Restore the building to a condition compatible with its position in the Kohukohu Heritage Precinct
3. Use the building to provide a space for community activities and meetings:
a) A community distribution outlet for e.g., garden produce, healthy food, the work of local artisans
b) Public or private meetings
c) Educational activities both facilitated in person and online in subjects such as art, music, dance, writing, creativity, computer use and sustainability
4. Provide a community drop-in centre
5. Provide a clearing house for information and skills in areas such as:
a) Recycling and upcycling materials
b) Gardening and environmental subjects
c) Resilient local communities
d) Networking
6. Establish a community garden supported by the garden produce, healthy food, growing skills, seed bank, environmental networking and distribution activities
7. Apply for funding to meet these objectives

Core Values

Put the individual and the community at the centre of everything we do:

• Be open and inclusive
• Be receptive and responsive
• Act with honesty and integrity
• Have fun and enjoy
• Act within the law